Evolution Gear 6199A AOR1 hydration pouch

Product Code: EVG-6199A
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Shipped by HK E-express 8USD worldwide. Choose AOR1 color including 8USD shipping cost
CP AOR1 500D AOR1 Nylon cordura
CP AOR1 Nylon webbing
Strong Nylon Velcro
Excellent workmanship,well build

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The DTNVG is not their first original design. You might remember our review of their Lunox monocular that we liked a lot. Obviously, here, the difference is that you get a binocular–one image intensifier per eye that comes in a neat package. There are many similar systems like it, such as PVS-15, PVS-31 or BNVD but DTNVG has a lot to offer.