Evolutiongear JPC vest Multicam

Brand: Evolutiongear
Product Code: EVG-045
In Stock
Price: $95.00

Material:500D military standard nylon
copper button, 210D nylon thread, strong nylon velcro,
genuine rubber shoulder strap, nylon webbing, 420D net fabric. 
KAM buckle(same quality as UTX buckle)
for PJ Marsoc loadout

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The DTNVG is not their first original design. You might remember our review of their Lunox monocular that we liked a lot. Obviously, here, the difference is that you get a binocular–one image intensifier per eye that comes in a neat package. There are many similar systems like it, such as PVS-15, PVS-31 or BNVD but DTNVG has a lot to offer.