PEQ-15 Upgrade Version LED White light + Red laser with IR Lenses

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The function of gear Under the BUTTON SWITCH control:
AL file - open single flash light the torch
O - press strong light flashlight to open
P mode - LASER light is on
AL file - press the LASER light, and light the torch at the same time open
Including: ontology + mouse tail control + special stickers (not including battery)
Battery: 2 x CR123A batteries or 2 x 16340 / RCR123A 3 v or 3.7 v rechargeable batteries
(left, right old contrast figure)

Electric box contrast with the old model function version, function more strong light flashlight single flash + flash, the LASER light through the screw can be adjusted freely fixed-point box body, form a complete set of update IR glass lenses, powerful features.
Increases the improvement of a single flash light flashlight
Improved 2: increase the strong light flashlight flash
Improved 3: matching glass lenses update IR
Improved 4: the LASER light through the box body are free to adjust the screw fixed point
Improved 5: CREE XML higher-order light bead 5 v ~ 7.6 constant pressure
Improved six: use 2 CR123A batteries, luminosity, persistent

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The DTNVG is not their first original design. You might remember our review of their Lunox monocular that we liked a lot. Obviously, here, the difference is that you get a binocular–one image intensifier per eye that comes in a neat package. There are many similar systems like it, such as PVS-15, PVS-31 or BNVD but DTNVG has a lot to offer.