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UTK Helmet Accessory Mount is a modular helmet accessory mount for use on helmets equipped with accessory rails such as famous brand.
It offers tension-adjustable 3-axis articulation and the ability to mount up to two accessories depending on your mission. 
The mounting interfaces accept most Unity FUSION accessories. It also incorporates a socket to accept the Wilcox Retention Lanyard to retain the gear during a break-away.
UTK Helmet Accessory Mount is one of the most innovative mounting solutions on the market. 
With more and more mission essential gear adorning helmets, real estate has gone to a premium.  
In fact, many operators are finding themselves having to attach lights, illuminators, recording devices, IFF devices, etc on both sides of the helmet – often causing interference with a cheek weld on their weapon.  
Mount reduces this headache by allowing users to attach multiple devices to a single side of the helmet.
Gear is offset from the rail interface to allow it to clear the Mount attachment point of rail-mounted communication and hearing protection headsets.  
UTK Mount body itself features an hour glass profile to accommodate the round ear-pro headset attachment points.
UTK Mount is another beautifully executed Tactical product for a niche market. 

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