Dear all,

In order to reward our customers, we now offer discounts for all products(the deadline is 2020-09-03). Please enter the relevant coupon code to receive the offer. Thank you for your support.

Offer code is as follows: 
$60+       EG05     gets 5USD discount
$150+     EG10     gets 10USD discount
$200+     EG15     gets 15USD discount
$250+     EG20     gets 20USD discount
$350+     EG30     gets 30USD discount
$450+     EG35     gets 35USD discount
$550+     EG45     gets 45USD discount
$650+     EG55     gets 55USD discount
$750+     EG65     gets 65USD discount
$850+     EG75     gets 75USD discount 
$950+     EG85     gets 85USD discount 
$1000+   EG100  gets 100USD discount