2023Ver. G33 Anodized/EXPS3 Gen II US Flag Marking Combo

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EXPS3 GEN2 Improvements:

1. More transparent glass

2. Very small parallax

3. Brighter red dots

4. More realistic colors and details, better materials

5. The wind resistance screw is stronger and stronger

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2021 version of EXPS3: improved battery pack, more realistic details, using only CR123A batteries

Made of 7075 Aluminim, fully restored Eotech EXPS3 original details, can withstand 550g impact

Very clear lens, high light transmittance, no mirror effect, it will not reflect your face or other things etc.

The shell is hard anodized, the red dot is EOTECH EXPS3-0 red dot, with NV function. Compatible with night vision goggles

In bright light, the red dot is still very clear. Aiming is fine.

G33: Includes complete marker and base kit, manufactured by CNC technology

7065 aluminum, hard anodized FDE/black optional

The G33 scope is a 3X magnifier that folds sideways. Details/specifications/functions are exactly the same as the original,

Ultra-sharp lenses and imaging, larger viewing area than older G33 replicas,

Provides operators with maximum situational awareness

Compatible with EvolutionGear/Other Brand Replicas/Original EXPS3/XPS3/553/T2/T1,

EvolutionGear Rollover Mount Kit and Wilcox Rollover Mount Kit.

The FAST FTC Magnifier Holder features the first Flip Center (FTC) mechanism (patent pending),

Provides loading completely within the coverage of the weapon receiver while completely unobstructing the line-of-sight image of the host optics.

This provides maximum optical power and lowest profile in all operating modes.

The revolutionary FTC function completely solves the problems caused by the traditional flip-to-side magnifier stand (when detached,

The magnifying glass hangs from the side of the gun, creating a serious obstacle hazard).

The FAST FTC Magnifier Holder completely eliminates this danger and utilizes a forced overcoming mechanism for quick transitions.

Specifically designed for EOTech G33 magnifiers (original one or G33 replica).

This FASTmount hangs the magnifying glass upside down to avoid hitting the adjustment knob on the host weapon receiver.

The inverted position of the magnifying glass will not affect the function or performance of the unit.

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2023Ver. G33 Anodized/EXPS3 Gen II US Flag Marking Combo

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